About Vibha Sharma

Holistic Spiritual Life Coach

Originally from India, I was raised in a family where we were exposed to the spiritual side of life from a very early age. I always saw my parents reading spiritual books and attending spiritual discourses, lectures, and gatherings and thus introduced to a deeper side of life at early childhood. I have been an avid reader of self-help and spiritual books since childhood, and it has undoubtedly shaped who I am today. I was always intrigued by the idea of our spiritual connection, origin and enlightenment in this lifetime. I have always been fascinated with the metaphysics, the practice of mind expansion and meditation and law of attraction.

I first came to the US in late 1994 with my husband after getting married in India. I was fascinated with the natural beauty of California, its coasts, beaches, hills and mountains and very soon fell in love with this place. I was missing my parents and family back home. After a few years of settling and having my son, I started reading books again on spirituality, metaphysics and law of attraction. And when my son started going to school my interest in this area grew deeper. During that time, I found out about Nichiren Buddhism, a practice based on chanting the mantra ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ which means ‘I devote my life to the law itself’. We used to have weekly meetings to chant together. I loved chanting together with new friends I made and it gave me peace and happiness.  

My Journey began

One day while arranging my husband’s closet I found a small booklet of Master Ching Hai.

I could not put the booklet down and read the whole thing all at once. It was so tempting to know how through meditation we can access different realms and dimensions and go back to our source. I wanted to experience everything that was described in the book. I started meditating for one hour each morning and evening and following everything that was required to get initiated into Quan Yin Method described in the booklet and follow the path. I finally got initiated after two years of practising the prerequisites.

Quan Yin Method — the meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound.

The Inner Light, the Light of God, is the same Light referred to in the word “enlightenment”. The inner Sound is the Word referred in the Bible:” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. …”It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God…

After studying and practicing, I found out that Quan Yin Method was the exact same as Sant Mat teachings that I learnt in India attending spiritual discourses with my Mom.

I realized I was happier than ever by adopting regular daily meditation and noticed many positive changes in myself. My overall outlook towards life changed to a more positive one. I started attending local meditation classes, took several courses on the topic. I would go to each and every meditation class that was available locally. I ordered and read every book on enlightenment that I came across.

I read ‘Divine Romance’ and  ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’ By Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.  It’s an amazing book and explained the science of spirituality in an astonishing way. I got introduced to Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique of energy and breath control or pranayama. According to Yogananda, Kriya is the most effective technique available to mankind today for reaching the goal of Yoga: union with the Divine.

The goal of these simple yet highly effective yoga techniques is to teach you to deal directly with energy and consciousness enabling you to recharge your body with energy, to awaken the mind’s unlimited power, and to experience a deepening awareness of the Divine in your life.

I found out about Self Realization Fellowship( SRF) a worldwide religious organization with international headquarters in Los Angeles. I registered myself in three years Self Realization fellowship course which gives step-by-step instructions in the yoga techniques of meditation, concentration, and energization, including Kriya Yoga.  



After getting initiated into Quin Hin method and Kriya Yoga, I realized how both the methods point us to inner journey towards our source. I was attending Kriya Yoga practice classes every weekend and meditating twice a day, morning and evening. I saw changes in myself and felt a great strength inside to deal with life’s challenges which is a part of everybody’s life. The results of daily meditation astounded me and I thought about teaching my 8-year-old son this life-changing practice. I noticed calming effects on my son as well and he was very receptive. I ordered a few courses and books on ‘Teaching kids meditation’ and realized that it’s extremely important to teach kids meditation at an early age. I took some courses and read several books on meditation with kids after that.  

I became spiritual seeker, dedicated to understanding mysteries of life. Took up meditation, read several books, attended classes and workshops, went to spiritual gatherings to deepen my connection to the divine.

Meditation became a central part of my life and my spiritual practice along with prayer and scriptural/spiritual reading.

Fear of losing loved ones was the greatest reason for me to pursue this path. I wanted to become immune to the pain by becoming enlightened and knowing the truth behind the veil…

My father’s deteriorating health and his death was a very tough time for me.

I could not spend much time with him when he needed all of his children near him.

This guilt kept me in a dark, sad place for a long time. I managed to stay balanced only because of my spiritual practice. I brought myself out of that dark place because of my spiritual study, practice and meditation.

I feel connected with him all the time. I feel his presence.

I remind myself of my place in eternity.

Adapting daily meditation practising and developing my relationship with my source also gave me the strength to be immune to expectation from others as well as other people’s behaviour towards me. I started to see the BIGGER PICTURE behind everybody’s actions and life situations. 

Like Mother Teresa said “ It’s always between you and God, it never about you and others anyway”

You start realizing when people judge you, hurt you, blame you or criticize you, they are only doing it according to their inner state and level of consciousness. Their wounded self finds comfort in hurting others and it has nothing to do with you. Lack of love and inner security they have spills outside.

Before the spiritual growth, I was too sensitive and used to feel miserable on other people’s insensitivity and behaviour.

Now all I need is me time, some quiet moments alone and I am good to go.

Instead of feeling disappointed on things that life brings sometimes, I pick myself up comparatively quickly remembering the bigger picture and reminding myself that I am the master of my feelings. My happiness is not anybody’s responsibility …

I meditate twice daily not that I’m supposed to but because I have come to enjoy the practice and benefit from it immensely in my life. It helped me evolve. It helped me become a more grounded, aware, and peaceful person.

I started meditation with the temptation of achieving enlightenment, and although I had many beautiful experiences, I have not achieved a permanent enlightened state of being …yet ☺, but even without experiencing that, benefits I feel and see are many.

My day starts with contemplating, reading and meditation. After waking up, I spend some quiet time alone to align myself with my inner world. Because of my daily meditation, study and contemplation, I realized that every situation and everybody in your life is placed according to the perfect divine plan. Everybody behaves and contributes according to his part assigned by divine plan. Everybody is behaving exactly they should be for our growth and divine destiny.

After studying eastern and western philosophies and practising different modalities, I have come to a conclusion that all beliefs, faiths and practices point to only one thing and that is establishing our connection with the higher power that is inside us. This Source of eternal Joy is within us, is called God, the Kingdom of Heaven, Tao, Buddha Nature or the Great Self.

Over the years, I read teachings of Neville Goddard, Joel Goldsmith, Rev Ike, Esther Hicks, Andrew Murray, Emmet Fox, ACIM, Neal Donald Walsh, Rhonda Byrne, Gregg Braden, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Emillie Cady, Hindu philosophers like Ramana Maharshi, Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, Hindu/Vedic and Sant Mat teachings.

My ultimate trust and faith in Divine/higher power have always helped me overcome any challenge I ever faced in my life. My consistent practice to connect to divine every-day and all day long has not only helped me overcome all the challenges in my life, but it has also given me a sense of purpose and meaning to my life.

I realized that if there Is one thing I can do all day long and feel fulfilled is study, practice and share the spiritual teachings and its application to solve all kinds of problems and help people. I decided to become a full-time holistic coach to continue my own growth and helping others.

I help my clients to get in touch with their inner peace, authentic self and inner guidance system to help find answers to their problems.

As a spiritual/holistic life coach, I help them change their life by changing the way they operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining their behaviours, habits, and goals, we’ll delve into their deep-rooted beliefs and their connection to the divine.

My experience with several spiritual modalities, extensive study of eastern and western philosophy, deep interest to develop myself on daily basis and then share something I truly believe in with others helps me understand different perspectives of life. I connect with people on a deeper level and can relate with my clients from all walks of life irrespective of their beliefs, cultural backgrounds and goals.

My practice and teachings don’t belong to a particular belief system- they are not a part of any religion or creed but resonate with followers in many spiritual systems.  

In my work with clients, I seek to honour the individuality of each client and create a customized holistic plan based on your beliefs, unique preferences, goals, and intentions. I meet people where they are on their journey, and help them integrate simple holistic practices for lasting change. 

Start your inner journey and resurrect to your divine identity!