Plug into your Power with these quick Guided Meditations!

Relax in Under 5 Minutes!

These short meditations will help you relax, feel calmer or just to slow down!

When you want to feel relaxed and need to change your state of being to more peaceful and calm in the middle of the day or anytime.

These 2-3-5 Minutes Mini Meditations will help you calm your nerves in the middle of a busy schedule or before you need to work on something important!

Here are 3 Short Guided Meditation audios to Use for Relaxation and Calm:


2 minute meditation


3 minute meditation


5 minute meditation

Two Minute Guided Meditation Audio to Help You FIND CALM.

Click to listen (use your headphones)

This 2 minute guided meditation uses Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP techniques to allow you to imagine for yourself what calm will look like and how to bring this into your lives.

So, how was that? What did you learn?

Three Minute Guided Meditation Audio using BREATHING

Click to listen (use your headphones)

This simple 3 minute guided meditation helps revitalize AND relax you. The deep breathing helps to oxygenate your blood while the simple focus on the breath calms you and brings you into the present moment.

So, how are you feeling?

This 5 minute guided meditation is also known as a “body scan” where you focus on and purposefully relax your entire body one area at a time. Take PLENTY of time in each body area, allowing you to relax and de-stress as much as possible.

So, how are you feeling?

5 Minute Guided Meditation Wrap-Up

Guided meditation is a great way to help us relax and connect with ourselves and adapting meditation as a practice. Enjoy these 2,3 and 5 minute guided meditation audios and feel free to play with them and add your own personal touches!

BONUS TIP: Once you’ve gone through the process, both 2) The Breathing Meditation and 3) The Body Tension/Relaxation guided meditations use these meditations by yourselves when you are tense or stressed. Or you can simply remember and use the concept/process you’ve just learned.

De-Stress Series: A Simple 4 Step Process to Help You Cope with Stressful Feelings.

Sometimes when we need to take care of so many things we find ourselves feeling stressed, overwhelmed, guilty, pressured or anxious. It’s hard to perform our best when we are caught up in these thoughts and feelings, so it can be helpful for us to have a way to help calm them down.

This technique may seem overly simple but it’s often the simplest techniques that work the best!

So, here’s what I do:

4 Simple Steps to Help Cope with Stress and Stressful Feelings:


Step 1


Pause and take a few deep breaths – making sure to breathe deeply into your stomach. It can be really helpful to place your feet flat on the floor, and place a hand on your stomach – and feel your stomach rising and falling.

TIP: Sometimes this first step is enough on its own.


Step 2


Now simply NOTICE, WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, what you are feeling. It could be overwhelmed, guilty, pressured, stressed, anxious etc.

Now say out loud, “I’m feeling __________”.

NOTE: If you notice judging yourselves, repeat the statement without the judgement, until you are satisfied you are simply stating how you feel.



Step 3


Now AFFIRM yourselves, preferably out loud, with a supportive affirmation or mantra. It could be one you create for Yourselves or one of the examples below:
“I am doing my best.”
“I can handle this feeling – and manage my day.”
“This feeling of ___________ (overwhelm/anxiety/guilt etc) will soon pass.”
“I am safe and I am loved. I can handle whatever I am feeling.”
“I love myself. I will take care of this feeling later on today.”

NOTE: Now you can use this mantra throughout the session or day, whenever you notice you are feeling anxious or stressed again.

So, steps 1 – 3 of this technique help you notice what you are feeling without judgement and be present so that you can have an effective session or get on with your day in a calmer frame of mind. However, there may be an important message or learning in stress or difficult feelings. Therefore I also recommend a final step to help you cope with, and learn from, your stressful feelings. This step proves that we can and will take care of ourselves. And as we get better at it, our stressful feelings become less burdensome in the future.


Step 4


Ask yourself when would be a good time to look at this feeling and take care of myself? You may want to explore it in this session, if not, commit to taking a few moments to reflect on your stressful feelings – it could be over a cup of tea when you get home or when you have some free time to relax or before you go to bed. Consider:

“What’s important about the feeling of __________ today?” and

“What do I need to learn from this?”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoiding our unpleasant feelings and stress may help us get through a difficult day or week, but it can be a destructive habit which actually increases our stress in the long run. Our feelings show us who we are and when we avoid looking at what we feel we literally abandon our ‘selves’ removing the ability to learn what our feelings are telling us. When we allow our feelings and look at them without judgement, we not only learn from them but we also find that our feelings ‘move on’ because we’ve got the message and they’re not needed any more.

In my work with clients, I seek to honour the individuality of each client and create a customized holistic plan based on your beliefs, unique preferences, goals, and intentions. I meet people where they are on their journey, and help them integrate simple holistic practices for lasting change. 

Start your inner journey and resurrect to your divine identity!