One on One & Group Coaching

The LAW OF ATTRACTION is powerful, but it’s the  LAW OF BEING that actually CREATES!

Quantum State Intensive

Occupy the State and Watch the Miracles Unfold

Your STATE determines the reality you ATTRACT. Everything exists in the quantum field. The more we enter the feeling of the things and conditions desired, the sooner we bring them into the physical world.

Perhaps you’re struggling to connect to the feelings of your deepest desires, or maybe you’re having difficulty visualizing your ideal life.

Quite possibly you’re doubtful as to whether you really can manifest your desires.

This is where I come in.

My Quantum State Intensive is designed to connect to your deepest desires so you can step into the quantum field, the promised land!!

I’ll guide you using a combination of deep practices and exercises that will help you manifest your dream life including:

  • A combination of complete guided physical and mental relaxation exercises.
  • Visualization exercises, affirmations and setting up intentions for the day focused on desired results!
  • Meditation to connect you with your inner source of wisdom!
  • Get in touch and create from your divine identity!
  • Homework and daily exercises to keep you in the state in between our sessions
  • Invoke inherent wisdom to achieve desired results!
  • Customized to bring desired results!

Duration: 3 Months One on One Program

Investment: $9995

A Journey to Self Discovery

From Limited to Unlimited Self

Ready to create a life you love and deserve? A life that has you excited to wake up every morning, looking forward to the day ahead?

My Journey to Self Discovery coaching package is perfect if you’re seeking to revitalize your life – to get connected to your inner-self and feel more peaceful, purposeful and happy.

I know how challenging it can be to make shifts in our lives. With me by your side, I’ll guide you step-by-step over the next 90 days through my process to reconnect you to the ‘real you’ so you can live the joyful, passionate life you deserve..

This is a balanced, well-crafted program that is designed to help you start your holistic journey so that you can reset your habits and refresh your life by connecting with your joyful, energized self.

Here’s how the next 90 days will unfold:

Step 1: The “Reality” Check

This is where we take stock of where you are and begin taking immediate steps to brighten up your life!  Through powerful coaching exercises, visualizations and Guided Meditations we’ll identify ways to feed your soul, and connect you to yourself and your goals!

Step 2: Dejunk Your Trunk

It’s detox time!  We will be revitalizing your spirit with a detox to eliminate the obstacles and energy drainers that are getting in the way of your well-being.  This makes space for new growth. Commit to letting go of what is holding you back so you can embrace your life with the vitality you need to take on your wildest dreams!

Step 3: Design, Embrace, Create!!

With your new-found positive outlook and headspace, you’ll be stepping into your power to design your next level awesome!!  You’ll be crystal clear, fresh and energized to take on new healthy habits and lifestyle shifts that support your journey to achieving your dream life.

With daily practices and long-term visioning, you’ll gain the momentum you need to spring into success.

I’ve seen enormous growth in people who have committed to the steps in this program.

Don’t waste any more time putting off your heart’s desires. If you want clarity and guidance as you step into your wholeness, let’s work together.

If you’re ready to transform – let’s talk!

Duration: 3 Months One on One Program

Investment: $2995

Awaken to Your Higher Consciousness

Start your spiritual journey.  Access, Acquire, Blossom!

Do you desire with all your heart to connect with your higher self, your purpose and raise your energy and consciousness?

The most important and largely overlooked purpose of your life is your Spiritual Evolution.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.We must learn to see the world anew.”

Albert Einstein’s scientific theories transformed the world’s understanding of the universe and its workings, these words must have come from his personal experience that helped him to explore both science and life itself. He showed us the impact that can be made when we raise our consciousness to allow ourselves to imagine the possibilities.

We cannot create abundance by staying in the consciousness of poverty, nor can we gain a sense of power while identifying as a victim.

We cannot achieve a state of peace and trust, in situations born from anger and fear.

The key to creating change lies in our ability to conceive an alternative possibility and acting upon it.  This alone can shift our feelings from lack, powerlessness, and fear of abundance, power and compassion, and ultimately peace and well-being.

Entering into our own spirituality is a personal journey. Even though we may be taught certain ways, philosophies or beliefs as children, we still need to find our own way of understanding to begin on our own path to awakening.

This program is a 6 to 12-month course of study, taking you through a progressive understanding of the process of your own spiritual awakening

Each lesson includes a meditation, spiritual teaching, followed by questions to be answered in writing.

As you work through this course, your perspective of life will change and as your perspective changes so will your life.

As you awaken to your higher self, you’ll become more attuned to what is right for you. Operating from a level of Higher Consciousness also allows individual access to Infinite Intelligence.

This program is for you if you’re seeking the next level of Spiritual Evolution.

Duration: 6/12 Months One on One & Group Program

Investment: $1000/month

"Vibha is really an awesome spiritual coach and a great mentor. She helps to find and strengthen your inner solace and confidence. She can reach out to anyone at any age or time. We feel very fortunate to be connected with her".


"Vibha, Thanks so much for spreading the knowledge of Meditation and guiding me into its How To’s. You have truly made a difference, I am loving every bit of the moment I meditate. It’s a unique bubble and changes your perspective towards situations and overall life. Appreciate your help in spreading knowledge of Meditation in the community and around".

Ulka Tawde

"Vibha helps our residents with many body and mind exercises in the form of meditation. We have several residents who have benefited from her class. They feel they have been more relaxed and alert. Residents have said that they have been sleeping better and are more relaxed after taking her classes."

Life's Garden ~ California
A Retirement Community

"I had the pleasure of working with Vibha for a corporate event. She taught a "Meditation for Working Professionals" class to our employees, and they all found it to be helpful when it comes to de-stressing and re-centering themselves. They appreciated her soft, calming voice and the meditative practices she guided them through. One of our executives practices meditation on a regular basis, and he complimented her work graciously. Vibha is also very professional and easy to work with. I've only worked with her once, but I would certainly work with her again."

Stacy N Williams Learning and Development Manager Collaborative Solutions LLC.

“Attending Vibha’s coaching and meditation sessions has made a huge difference the way I think and feel. I sleep throughout the night now and feel as if I am getting healed. I always leave happy and full of energy after the session. I am grateful to have her as our holistic spiritual guide.”

Ann Cunny

In my work with clients, I seek to honour the individuality of each client and create a customized holistic plan based on your beliefs, unique preferences, goals, and intentions. I meet people where they are on their journey, and help them integrate simple holistic practices for lasting change. 

Start your inner journey and resurrect to your divine identity!